A technical network with focus on
inspiration, connecting and sharing knowledge

As a member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform, you are part of a collective of 600 companies from the technical manufacturing industry. The goal: to inspire, to connect and to share knowledge. These three pillars are the DNA of all our activities, both in activities exclusively for members and in our trade fairs, congresses, thematic events and training courses.


More than 35 years the network for the manufacturing industry
600 member companies from all sectors of the manufacturing industry
11 network meetings per year exclusively for members
Members assess our meetings with an 8 average

3 pillars as DNA for all High Tech Platform activities



As a manager or entrepreneur, you know everything about your company and specialty. There are nevertheless challenges, for example in the field of innovation, HRM or marketing. How do you tackle these challenges effectively? Our inspiration sessions will help you on your way. We also offer you a peek into the world of other members during company visits. Conversely, you can also inspire Mikrocentrum with ideas for events or courses.


Making new contacts and / or partnerships is important to increase success. We help you to expand your network during our Meet & Matches. As a member, you also receive a discount on participation in or exhibiting at Mikrocentrum events. Finally, we help you identify needs in the market in order to facilitate collaboration.

Sharing knowledge

The world around us is changing rapidly. To anticipate as an industry in all developments, knowledge sharing is essential. By facilitating knowledge sharing, we help you prepare for the (near) future. Our knowledge sessions are a good example of this, as well as the Mikrocentrum training courses and the possibility to share your knowledge in the program during Mikrocentrum events.

Curious about what the High Tech Platform membership can mean for your company?

All advantages of a High Tech Platform Membership for you at a glance:

networking events a year exclusively for members.

vouchers a year to freely attend Mikrocentrum thematic events.

discount on exhibiting (table tops) at Mikrocentrum thematic events.

discount on participation on Mikrocentrum trade fairs and congresses.

discount on courses in the Mikrocentrum open courses.

discount on the standard room rental at Mikrocentrum.

promotion of your company on social media, on the company guide and with showcases at Mikrocentrum.

This is what our members say about the membership

FANUC Benelux

""The interesting thematic events and congresses organized by Mikrocentrum are an ideal way to further expand our network in the Benelux market. Every year we participate in multiple events and it is therefore natural to be a member of the High Tech Platform."

Paul Ribus, Managing Director


"When it comes to analyzing complex learning questions quickly and adequately and then designing an effective learning arrangement with a high learning output, Mikrocentrum is a competent partner. Furthermore, the High Tech Platform is an excellent opportunity to promote integrated learning. Thank you for having this opportunity."

Dirk-Jan Verheijden, Manager Educational Alliances 


"Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform offers the possibility to not only expand our expertise, but also to share it with others. In activities such as the Precision Fair, we lay the foundation for new collaborations and we also strengthen relationships in and with the field. Something which we find very valuable at Demcon."

Renée Koekkoek op Munsterhuis, Public Relations

Which type of membership fits your company?

You can choose from severak types of memberships. An overview of the costs and content per membership:

Type of membership Included Annual charge VAT excl.
Basic All the above mentioned benefits. € 995,-
Display case  Extra exposure through a display case that you can design yourself in the Mikrocentrum reception area. The display case is an addition on top of the Basic, (starting) Self-employed or Start-up membership € 750,-
Start-ups We encourage start-up companies with a discount program during the first two years of the basic membership, on the dondition that you present us with your Chamber of Commerce registration, which must not be more than 2 years old. € 495,-
Self-employed companies We offer self-employed people the opportunity to use the facilities through a discount program of the basic membership. The discount rule expires as soon as you hire employees. € 495,-
Self-employed start-up companies  We stimulate self-employed start-ups with a discount program during the first two years of the basic membership, on the condition that you present a copy of your Chamber of Commerce registration, which must not be more than 2 years old. Your eligibility for this discount program ends when you hire employees. 245,-

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